Black Tap Milkshakes

So far in second year I haven’t had a chance to go to NYC as much as I wanted, despite living a few hours train ride away. B has actually taken the car for his farther away rotations in NYC, so he drives up to Connecticut whenever he has a chance.

Also he drives up, so I can get groceries, as it’s a bit harder to get around Connecticut without a car (thanks for making sure I don’t starve, honey)

One of the perks of NYC is all of the eye candy with food – in particular the famous Black Tap Milkshakes which are just ridiculous, over the top, hyperglycemic inducing, amazingly beautiful milkshakes.

It’s estimated to be 1600 calories per drink, but we won’t think about that part.

B and I have stopped by Black Tap but alas, the line was so long we couldn’t justify waiting 2 hours for a $15 milkshake (one of B’s pet peeves about NYC is tiny restaurants + droves of tourists/hipsters/instagrammers = long wait times for anywhere trendy)

B has actually tried Black Tap milkshakes but not at the original location though.

Me: Heyyy! Nooo, you can’t go there and try the shakes without me! No faaair!
B: It was a difference location, so it uh, doesn’t count. 

Since I have yet to go visit the original restaurant, I’ve decided to make my own Blacktap milkshakes to fulfill my cravings. I’ve partnered with Taza Chocolate, and you can see their gourmet chocolate bars and barks are perfect for a Black Tap-esque milkshake.
I made a dark chocolate s’mores milkshake and a coffee milkshake to pair with the Taza chocolate flavors. I love how rich and textured the chocolate is – similar to the Latin/Spanish style chocolate. And the darker the better in my opinion!

These shakes are made for sharing, and my residency friends were more than happy to volunteer taste testing. Crazy milkshakes are a lot of fun to make (and FYI I used low fat vanilla ice cream and fat free whipped cream to make it a tad bit healthier). Enjoy! Thanks to Taza chocolate for partnering with me!

Black Tap Milkshakes

crushed peanuts
chocolate frosting
1/2 cup cold-brewed coffee
1-2 scoops vanilla ice cream
2 oz espresso chocolate, grated
Garnish: sea salt almond Taza bark, rolled coffee wafer, toasted coconut

chocolate frosting
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
2 oz wicked dark chocolate, grated (additional for garnish)
whipped cream, to garnish
Garnish: peppermint Taza bark, almond pocky, graham crackers

For your milkshake glass, spread chocolate frosting (I used store bought since it’s thickest) around the top of the glass. Place inside freezer and chill for 10-15 min.

Pick your glass garnish (peanut for coffee milkshake and marshmallow for s’mores milkshake) and gentle press it on the frosting. Chill additional 10-15 min in the freezer.

Blend your milkshake ingredients together. Pour the milkshake into the glasses. Top with whip cream and any additional garnishes. Serve immediately and eat quickly. Enjoy!

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  1. I feel ya! I'm only about an hour from NYC by train and I still haven't really gone up there that much (sigh).

    I'm jealous of your residency friends! I'd so love to try those milkshakes! 😀 They look amaaazing. <3!!

  2. I've never tried Black Tap Milkshakes (I have seen them on Insta though!) but I'm so craving the ones from your photos now!!! Amazing