About Me

Name: Natalie Uy Chef Uy (now Chef Uy, MD!)

About me: 
I'm a premed / medical student / doctor in residency. I study. I doodle. I cook, bake, and eat  :o)

Email: Feel free to contact me at uy.natalie@gmail.com


About Obsessive Cooking Disorder:

Obsessive Cooking Disorder (lovingly known as OCD) was originally just a random collection of recipes for my record keeping. Then I developed an obsession for inventing recipes, photography and food styling, finding the history/science/random facts about food, and writing stories .... now, there's no cure but to keep on cooking!

But really, I started this food blog as an undergraduate at Stanford who needed to cook food so I wouldn't starve (or go broke dining out in Palo Alto) during my summer research months. I couldn't remember what I cooked/baked/concocted, so OCD was born to keep track of my culinary experiments.

Oh, and for those wondering, "B" is my fiance / now husband and ever diligent food taster (he prefers to remain mysterious, and thus goes by his first initial). We're both goofy doctors and love to eat!

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Are you a real chef/did you go to culinary school?
Nope, I'm just a pre-med med student resident who likes to eat. "Chef Uy" is just a nickname my family gave me.
Disclaimer: This is a personal blog with my thoughts / musing on life. I do not claim to give professional medical advice on this blog and any patient identifiers are removed / altered for privacy. 

Are you a real doctor?
Yes, that's my regular wonderful 80 hrs a week job. I'm currently an intern in Internal Medicine at Yale New Haven Hospital (Yale University) and I love it.

How did you make your blog?
I use Google's blogger. Yes, it's not the norm in blogging vs WordPress, and it takes a little customizing with coding, but it's free (ie what a poor college student/med student / intern could afford) and easy to post.

Who made the blog design?
I did! All the artwork is by me - I love children's art and illustration. I coded this site somehow without any formal CS classes; persistence, artistic compulsiveness, trial and error, and Google can take you pretty far with coding.

How do you take your pictures/make your artwork? 
For the the photos, I've used a variety of cameras over the years. Some are from an iphone but most recipe shots are my Nikon D5100 DSLR. I got this as a Costco set in high school in 2008 and still use it. I used the 2 zoom lenses included in the kit (predominantly the 55-300, rarely 18-55). In Dec 2016, I finally upgraded so I now also have 2 prime lenses (Nikon 50mm f/1.8G and 85mm lens f/1.8G).

I edit the photos using Apple's Photos and Photoshop CS6, predominantly for color and lighting. Food styling is all practice, and I take usually 30-40 pictures for every recipe shoot. I take all my pictures with natural sunlight and random stuff I dig up from my closet / cabinets as props.

My artwork/doodles are drawn by hand and colored in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Bamboo tablet. I used to draw for every recipe, but I no longer keep them up due to time constraints from my real life job.

Do you work with companies/do sponsored posts? Do you accept guest posts from other bloggers? 
At the moment, this blog is a fun hobby; while I love watching it grow, marketing and promotions is never my primary goal (no way am I ever gonna quit my day job - I love medicine too much!).

Occasionally, I will do collaborations and sponsored posts with companies if I like their product - feel free to email me at uy.natalie@gmail.com if you're interested. Since Obsessive Cooking Disorder is personal place to keep my journaling and doodles, I currently don't accept guest posts.

How do you have time to cook and do medicine and volunteer and draw and exercise and...?
Short answer: I don't know.
Long answer: I don't know. If you love something (and I do LOVE eating) you somehow find the time for it. Life's a marathon, not a sprint!

If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff -- Ratatouille (Pixar)