A Foodie Bridal Shower Brunch

Hello everyone! You might have noticed I’ve been busy – March will feature a wedding post series since I got married (whoohoo)! Enjoy!

For my bachelorette weekend, my bridesmaids organized a gorgeous Air BnB getaway (baking pizza, spa/makeovers, and movies), then we had a pastry class at Sur la Table! Can’t think of a better way to bond – we all love cooking and eating!

We did 4 desserts every chef should know – Dark Chocolate Mousse, Lemon Tart, Ginger Creme Brulee, and Grand Marnier Souffle! Totally worth checking it out 🙂

For the bridal shower, my sister/maid of honor Stephanie and mom rocked all the food preparation and display. It was definitely the cutest bridal shower I’d ever been to. Of course, we’ll be sharing the recipes here so you too can plan your own brunch party!


– white plates (3 rectangle and 2 round) from World Market
– flowers from Costco (2 dozen for just $17!)
– giant paper clip (held mimosa sign) and paper baking cups from Michaels on sale
– labels – folder watercolor paper with gold sharpie and cut circles with yarn for the mimosa bottle labels
– thrifted water dispenser, cake stands, baskets for height variation (the key to a beautiful display)

Prep tips

– make the muffins, madeleines ahead of time
– whipped cream and fruit trifle – can buy the pound cake if you don’t want to make from scratch
– feel free to home bake/prep or buy from the store depending on how involved you want the preparation


banana chocolate chip muffins – because no good breakfast starts without chocolate and bananas
coconut madeleines – classic ones by Ina Garten
– mini strawberry parfait with granola – use 2 oz plastic shot glasses and buy mini spoons from the dollar store. Use regular plain yogurt, not Greek since it’s easier to spoon into the cups when it’s less thick
– Strawberry orange trifle with cream – one of my absolute favorite desserts ever, stay tuned for recipe!


– bacon, chives, and cheddar scones – stay tuned for recipe!
– turkey meatballs with Texas Bourbon Glaze – meatballs from Costco, glaze from HEB grocery
– smoked sausage with mango chutney – smoked sausage and chutney from HEB grocery
– veggie dip with ranch and hummus – 4 square pillars (2 tall and 2 short) from Ikea for cheap and elegant display of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and red bell peppers 
– mini croissants with deli meats (rosemary turkey, pastrami) and assorted cheeses 
– charcuterie boards – salami, Trader Joe’s crackers, local cheeses and giant globe grapes (check out this adorable Texas shaped board and that boot shaped cheese knives)


– Orange Infused Spa Water – water, ice, and orange slices (doesn’t get any easier than this)
Honey Mint Tea – my brother’s special drink – green tea with fresh mint leaves
– Fruit mimosas – champagne mixed with orange, strawberry peach, and mango juice with fresh sliced fruit – pineapple, orange, peach, and strawberry. Can’t have a girl’s brunch without mimosas!
There you go! A beautiful (and more importantly) super tasty DIY bridal brunch that doesn’t bust the wallet and still Pinterest worthy 😀

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful spread! It looks more amazing in these pictures than the other ones I saw. Great mix of sweet and savory my love!

  2. Dad asked me if I wanted to come home that weekend but I wasn't able to so I missed out on all the food 🙁 But in the end Dad said he ended up becoming the photographer of Natalie and all the people there haha

  3. Where were you when we planned my wife's bridal shower, or baby shower for that matter. Everything looked elegant and amazing with something suited to everyone's tastes. You set the bar high for your wedding. Good Luck!