African Cuisine: Botswana

Hello everyone, I know life has been exciting with Africa and hate to leave y’all hanging but but OCD will be on a brief hiaitus as I take my US Medical Licensing exam/ medical boards and it’s crunch time! Wish me luck! 

You can read about my Africa journey here (what I’m doing), here (adjusting to expat life), and here (what seeing kids in HIV clinic is like)

I promise to share tons of Africa cuisine recipes and stories when I return. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the fabulous food of Botswana / Africa which I’ll update later, and as always, I’ll keep updating in instagram

The traditional 3 legged pot to stew meat: here is seswaa aka pulled beef (their national dish) and fried beef.

Here is butternut sqush, pap (maize), and peanut morogo (African greens)

The famous Savannah cider of Africa. Delicious!

The adorable Courtyard Restaurant, right next to Botswanacraft market which sells amazing things!
 Sampu (corn), vegetable medley, and tomato morogo (African green)

Rooibos, or redbush, tea. Full of antioxidants and amazingly delicious, especially with milk and sugar (British style)

More rooibos tea time!

Delicious breakfast at the Chobe Bush Lodge! Love those African cloth patterns!
Tsamaya sentle (Goodbye/go well!) for now!

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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVED you Africa journey story!! Literally read every post you have about it and drool over the recipes (the matcha cake looks oh so delish!) I'm an expat here in the US so I really understand how weird/difficult/exciting everything is!!

  2. It's so awesome that you are training in Botswana. I am trying to raise some money to donate to a lion conservation project in Botswana, and have been very curious about the place. Thanks for giving me some idea about the food.

  3. It's a great country to visit – north Botswana is the tourist site with all the animals and national parks, so I'd recommend there (I lived in the capital Gabarone in the south. Not as much as a tourist hot spot – BUT it does have the biggest hospital, hence me being there).