Chocolate Cacao Nib Frozen Banana Popsicles

I’ve had a nice stretch of golden weekends (for non-medical people, it’s an amazing feeling to have TWO days off a week!), and even better… there was a magical weekend where my golden weekend coincided with B and my other friends!

Coordinating residency schedules is not easy (especially amongst internal medicine, dermatology, anesthesiology, foot/ankle surgery, neurology, and ophthalmology schedules) plus my brother’s awful banking schedule, so we had to take advantage! I still can’t believe we all managed to go.

We went on a weekend beach trip to Newport, Rhode Island, which is a charming New England town. It’s famous for its Gilded Age mansions lining Bellevue Avenue, some of which you can visit as museums. The most famous is The Breakers, an 1895 mansion patterned after a Renaissance palace and a symbol of the Vanderbilt family’s social and financial power.
We dressed up in New England classiness all the way, pretending we were the rich and fabulous Count B von Hollandaise III and Heiress Natalia Uyington.
Enjoying our zillion dollar beachfront property and not working 80 hr weeks of course.

We (plus my friend’s adorable corgi) strolled around the beaches, the cliff walk, and the town as well. We ate at an ice cream shop in downtown Newport, and I saw they were selling frozen banana popsicles. I thought this was a brilliant idea and had to make it myself.

I’ve partnered with Navitas Organics to share with you my easy Chocolate Frozen Banana Popsicles featuring their delicious Cacao Nibs. Navitas has a range of superfoods, but cacao is my favorite superfood. They sent me samples to see what recipes I could come up with, and their products did not disappoint.

In this recipe I use the Cacao Nibs, which have a dark cacao taste – the bitterness pairs perfectly with the chocolate in the banana coating. Their cacao nibs are large than other cacaos I’ve had making for an attractive topping as well. These are pure cacao, without any shells inside which I’ve heard in other cacao brands reviews.

I’ve also tried their Cacao Sweet Nibs which are also addicting and can be eaten straight up because they have a chocolate coating (I do enjoy cacao nibs straight up because I like the bitter flavor, but I understand they’re not for everyone.)

These Frozen Banana Popsicles are not hard to make at all – put a popsicle stick in a banana, dip, coat, then freeze. Bam, healthy(er) than ice cream but just as tasty and good for summer nights on the beach. Thanks Navitas for partnering with me.

Chocolate Cacao Nib Frozen Banana Popsicles

3 medium ripe bananas
wooden craft sticks
6 oz dark chocolate chips / squares
1-2 teaspoons olive oil
6 oz cacao nibs (I used Navitas cacao nibs)

Peel and cut each banana in half. Insert a craft stick into each half. (optional – freeze bananas for 1 hr prior)

Melt your chocolate in a tall thin mug un 30 second intervals, stirring frequently between intervals. Add olive oil to thin out the chocolate for easier dipping (you may need to add more or less to achieve desired thickness). Dip each banana into the chocolate. Carefully pour cacao nibs on top of the chocolate dipped bananas over a shallow plate to catch the excess.

Place on a tray covered in parchment paper. Freeze overnight and serve chilled – enjoy!

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  1. I am glad you had great time in Newport! I was there ones, its so beautiful ! Those Banana Popsicles looks so yummy! I am gonna have to try this recipe!

  2. I love reading your recipes! And as always, you shared with us something very mouth-watering – makes me want to make these delicious treats myself! Keep up the good work! xx