Coconut Rice Pudding in a Rice Cooker

I discovered the joy of rice pudding on my first cruise when I was 8 (incidentally, that was when I discovered I liked food in general, which also happened to coincide with me getting fatter…). It was rich. It was creamy. And it had cinnamon, God’s gift to mankind.

I’ve made rice pudding many times, which always entailed me being chained to the stovetop for an hour, stirring constantly, so the bottom wouldn’t burn. But in my ongoing quest to take culinary shortcuts as a busy med student, I decided to try making rice pudding in a rice cooker. After all, it’s just like making porridge, right?
After reading horror stories of rice cookers blowing up with their contents, I tested out a small portion…and it turned out fine.
1 cup milk (or half and half/heavy cream)
1 cup coconut milk
a little under 1 cup of rice
1/3 cup sugar
1 additional cup of milk (optional)
mangoes, diced
Put milk, rice, sugar, and cinnamon in a rice cooker. Cover and cook until rice is done (when the rice cooker beeps).
Add remaining 1 cup milk to give a more liquid consistency.  Can refrigerate before serving or serve warm. Add mangoes.
Note: This is a small batch and my rice cooker is really small, but you may want to keep an eye the first time (ie don’t take a long nap) since milk is frothy and you want to make sure your rice cooker doesn’t explode spill over.
Ok, fine, I also wanted to show off my new mini glasses.

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