When I saw these gorgeous crostinis on Honestly Yum I knew I had to make them. Crostinis are a great way to impress people on your next party. And I love sampling different flavors! Similarly, I love sampling all my medical rotations. And well, folks, after agonizing forever, I made my choice.

I have decided to go into … *drumroll* Internal Medicine!

Crostini Greek yogurt peach carrot cheese nuts herbs snack appetizer

At the start of medical school (and even before that) I had always assumed I’d go into internal medicine. When you pick a residency after medical school, your major divisions are medicine vs surgery. It’s more complicated, of course (ie opthalmology, psychiatry, anesthesia), but that’s the overall gist. For fun, here’s a silly flowchart joking how we pick our specialties.

Rotations are like buffets – you get to sample a bit of each flavor. And I looooove variety. So when I started clinics, I thought “ok, I’ll see what other specialties have to offer.” And turns out that sampling each specialty muddied up my perfect plans. I thought I would hate psychiatry. Enjoyed it. Thought I would die on surgery. Loved it. Never heard much about ENT (ear, nose, throat). Seriously considered it as a career.

Ok, I didn’t like ophthalmology as much because I have terrible vision, thus I equate it like a a kid with cavities visiting the dentist, and am terrified of eyeballs. But honestly, everything else was great.

Crostini Greek yogurt peach carrot cheese nuts herbs snack appetizer

When people ask “why internal medicine?”, it’s incredibly tough to articulate. There’s so many factors going into my decision. In the more immediate future, the ease and flexibility of matching into a residency with B. And in the long term, marriage and family – will I be able to see and be involved with my them? Take time off for vacations? What if I get injured, and something happens? Would my career be threatened if I get arthritis or carpal tunnel or sprain a wrist (hope not!)?

So basically, after waffling around forever with my decision, I went back to where I was at the beginning regarding my choice of career. Really, my heart (and gut) knew it all along, it just took my brain a while to process.

In picking a specialty it’s hard to really imagine, “Ok, can I do this everyday and work with the schedule when I’m 40 years old? 60 years old?” The great thing about internal medicine is that I can put off choosing a speciality a few more years, and continue rotating on a buffet of specialties.

Alas, I’m as undecided with food as with my career plans, so until then, I’ll just have to eat every flavor. I can’t help it; I just like everything!


Baguette, sliced
Greek yogurt (or ricotta cheese)

TOP ROW TOPPINGS (above photo): 
hard boiled egg, green onion, freshly ground black pepper
tomato, pesto, basil
carrot, cilantro, black sesame seeds
raspberries, blueberries, honey

BOTTOM ROW TOPPINGS (above photo):
smoked salmon and dill
apricot jam, almonds
nectarine, mint
cucumbers, paprika, chives

Toast your baguette slices until golden brown. Spread your Greek yogurt or cheese on top of each piece. Top with desired ingredients. Enjoy!

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One Comment

  1. Oh my yummies! Crostinis! :9 We make some every time we have leftovers and there's bread to consume before it gets too hard.

    Goodness, with both parents in nursing, I guess I should love medicine… but it still gives me the shivers, bth for the implications and for the amount of work it requires! O-O I admire you.

    ~ Luana

  2. Okay well first off crostini are my favorite vehicle for just about anything that is delicious. So easy to make and they provide this great little portable serving platter that looks great and tastes great with [almost] anything. And the toppings you pictures? Magnificent!