Turkey Cranberry Avocado Panini

Have you finished your turkey leftovers yet? I can’t believe it, but we have!

B had the good fortune if being off on Thanksgiving and traded his day off so he could get Friday off too. Although we had a Friendsgiving. B insisted we needed our own bird.

Me: Are you sure you want a whole turkey for just two of us? The smallest I can find is over 9 lbs!
Bryan: Nonsense, one can never have too much turkey!!

We had our own pre feast late lunch before Friendsgiving, then celebrated my alas too brief Friendsgiving, as I had to leave for work.  Then when I went to do my night shift, there was even more Thanksgiving food from the hospital chiefs for the night people.  Needless to say, I could already feel the turkey tryptophan kicking in before we even had our first admission.

Immediately after my overnight shift, we went straight to Black Friday shopping at an outlet mall. This is the sole perk of doing night shifts during the holidays and we (er, I mean, I) had a good haul.

B: Dear God woman, our bank account shrunk!
N: Hey, it’s the two $1000 board exams we paid for … 

B made a fabulous soup with the leftovers, but I needed something more portable for work, so I took our leftovers and made a panini. Turkey cranberry sandwiches are so classic for Thanksgiving leftovers, but the avocado gives a nice twist.
This is the kind of lunch that will make your coworkers look at your sandwich with envy. Secondly, you don’t feel like you’ve gained a million pounds after eating this panini. Finally, it’s got a lot less turkey, so you won’t fall asleep at work either. That’s the mark of a great leftover recipe.

Turkey Cranberry Avocado Panini

4 slices rustic whole-grain bread (2 sandwiches)
8 ounce leftover turkey
1/2 cup leftover cranberry relish
1 small avocado
4 slices provolone
Extra-virgin olive oil

For each sandwich, layer your cheese first, then avocado, then turkey on top of the bread. Top with cranberry relish. Top with the other bread slice

Dizzle olive oil on the top and bottom of the sandwich; heat a panini press. Put the sandwich on the press and close, pressing on the sandwich. Leave until bread is golden browned and the cheese is just melted. If using a skillet, heat the pan on medium heat. Place the bread on the skillet and press down with a spatula. Cook until bread is golden browned and cheese is beginning to melt. To serve, slice each sandwich halfway and serve warn.

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  1. LOVE THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS!! You cannot go wrong with turkey, cheese, avacado, and cranberry sauce! Photos look at good as they taste!