blood orange mocktail

Blood Orange Mocktail

A lot has happened in the USA. With the Black Lives Matter movement, change is definitely coming. I’d say 2020 has been a year for the books.

I remember hearing #BlackLivesMatter first in 2013, but it’s definitely different now. I’ve been doing some reading, and it’s pretty appalling how systemic the racism is our country has been. Lots of history I wasn’t aware of and don’t recall ever learning in school. 

Some great resources I’ve liked have been IG @soyouwanttotalkabout, IG @ohhappydani, IG @theslacktivists, IG @goodgoodgoodco, an article by Extra Petite, as well as countless individual posts I’ve saved on recommendations for books, movies, etc. Theres also a great collection of resources here.

One I’ve really like is IG @theconsciouskid for raising kids to be aware of race, and my goal is to raise Isabelle right.

I’ve always felt like Asians had a weird role in the whole racism dialogue, especially with the whole “model minority” title.

I was unfortunately reminded of racism with Trumps’s blasting of “Chinese virus” on his twitter, racism against Asian doctors, the rude person in the car who rolled down her window and purposefully coughed at my parents walking on the sidewalk.

blood orange mocktail

With COVID19 hitting minorities disproportionately, from healthwise (health care disparities and increased mortality) to socioeconomically (unemployment and the inability to work from home), a terribly divisive President, and ongoing police brutality agin and again, the timing was ripe for a social revolution.

As we live next to City Hall in Philadelphia, we got to witness all the protesting first hand. While unfortunately there was some rioting/looting as well, the protests have been quite peaceful on the whole.

Roads were closed, public transit was shut down, and we were put on curfew. I’ve never seen so much policemen standing around in my life.

It was incredible that there were thousands and thousands of people here to protest change.

Hopefully, the momentum for change will keep going. The movers and shakers of the past ruffled feather while making change, and I’m sure we’re gonna ruffle more feathers now.

Blood Orange Mocktail adapted from Marissa Moore.

Blood Orange Mocktail

8 oz blood orange juice, freshly squeezed
4 oz sparkling water (I used raspberry lime)
honey, to taste
blood orange slices, to garnish

Squeeze the blood orange juice into a large container or pitcher. Add your sparkling water flavor of choice. Add the honey to taste (I mix the honey with a little hot water so the honey dissolves better). Stir to mix everything. Pour evenly into ice-filled glasses and add slice of blood orange on top. Enjoy!

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