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Just sharing all the goodies we ate on my recent Boston – NYC trip with my friends in celebration of our upcoming graduation whoohoo. 
The people on the East Coast sure love to walk everywhere. On this trip I discovered that Apple health app also works as a pedometer – I walked an average of 24,000 steps over 7 days with a peak of almost 34,000 steps….. yet I still managed to gain 3 lbs from all our eating! That just shows how delicious food is here


Flour Bakery: Enjoying Flour Bakery right next to MIT! The chef is a Harvard graduate who majored in Mathematics and Econ, hated and quit her job to be a pastry chef (having zero experience), working her way up from be very bottom!
Their motto: “Make life sweeter… eat dessert first!” 
Legal Sea Foods – it may be a chain, but I still enjoyed their food and the view at the one on Copley. I had the char grilled haddock, while my friends had the fish and chips (huge), and the classic lobster roll.
The famous Mike’s Pastry – this is from the original in North End (a new one opened in Harvard square). It’s packed with 5 lines, but it moves quick. The lobster tail is the famous pastry (like a crispy cream puff), as well as the cannolis (mint, amaretto, double chocolate, and florentine). My friend also got us the Boston Cream Puff and Boston Cream Pie.
Tea Do – in the Boston Chinatown, a cute hipster place where you can play games like Jenga and Uno here as well. I recommend checking out their speciality boba menu – with funky names like Grasshopper, The Hulk, and Fire Dragon (Red Bean, Milk, Grass Jelly, Tapioca)


It’s not gourmet, but you can fill you ice cream cravings with one of the many ice cream trucks in NYC – you can even have a double ice cream in a double cone! Perfect for sharing – B models the ice cream (alas it was eaten before I could snap a whole picture).

The fabulously unhealthy Serendipity 3 in NYC – get ready for diabetes. Here’s the Forbidden Broadway Sundae, Strawberry Fields Forever Sundae, and their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. This was our dinner (they have real food but people say just come here for desserts). The boys were lame and couldn’t handle the sugar – someone had to finish it all (who me?)

Schmackary’s Cookies –  here’s the Funfetti, Chocolate, and Bacon(!) cookies. They’re like little cakes with the icing.

Beyoglu – Turkish food in Upper East Side! Here is their hummus and pita, falafel, and sigara borek (film dough stuffed w feta). Try their turkish coffee too – it’s unique. 

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  1. I love Flour bakery! Her desserts are delicious, and the dessert cookbook (book 1) is also really well written. Looks like you had a delicious trip!

  2. I love this post! Serendipity is one of my favorite places in New York. It is divinely decadent! It is such a joy to experience your foodie adventures with you; I love learning about new places to try when I travel. It sounds like you had an amazing time. That Turkish food looks heavenly!

  3. We did a good job of eating our way through New York didnt we? You eating 3 desserts from Serendipity was one of the most impressive things I've ever witnessed!