Fig, Pastrami, Goat Cheese Crostini

Remember my crostini dish two years? That was when I decided to go into Internal Medicine! Now I’ll share another crostini recipe as I just started inpatient wards – the heart of a medicine residency.

While the long hours can be less than fun, getting to know your patients really passes the time.

One of my patients was a famous literary critic – I actually had received his book during my AP English high school teacher as a gift a decade ago. (I omitted to him the fact that his book was so deep, it exceeded my comprehension).

Despite his very old age, his mind was quite active, and he spent his hospital days dictating his newest books. My resident said he was probably more productive than any person on the hospital floor, including the doctors.

Another memorable patient was an elderly man who transferred from the ICU to our floor. He was extremely aloof and absolutely couldn’t stand the fact he had no idea what time it was because his room clock had broken. After I ordered a new clock replacement and miraculously find his phone charger (which was left behind in the ICU room), he became quite friendly and beamed whenever I walked into the room.

I held an end of life discussion with him, and on the day he transferred to hospice, I said my goodbyes to hi; he, in turn, told me to go take a day off from work (Jeez, doctor, how do you have a life?!)

Finally, as I was leaving after a lovely 14 hour day, I saw this adorable 6 year old girl proudly wearing medical gloves by the nurse’s station

Little girl: I wanna be a doctor!
N: Do you like helping people?
Little girl: Yeah!
N: Do you like working really long hours?
Little girl: Yeah!
N: Do you wanna be in school forever?
Little girl: Yeah!
N: Then you’re gonna be a great doctor.

And this is why I have the best job ever.

Fig, Pastrami, Goat Cheese Crostini

12 crostini slices (you can make your own, but I used ready made)
1 Tbs goat cheese each crostini
4 strips of pastrami
4 figs, sliced
balsamic vinegar, to drizzle

Spread some goat cheese on each crostini.  Cut the pastrami and roll it, pressing it onto the goat cheese. Top with your sliced figs.  Lay a fresh thyme sprig on each and serve drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

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  1. Awww those anecdotes are great, especially the little girl's responses to you! Anyways, I love combining the flavors of fig, goat cheese, and cured meat – so yummy!