France Food Adventures (Honeymoon Part I)

Our Paris trip was full of bread, coffee, and desserts. Everything is so beautiful and chic in Europe.

Some gastronomic highlights of our trip

Pastries in a little food shop called Causses
 around Les Halles in Paris. They sell great cheeses, meats, and gelato too!
 The best crepes in Paris are found in Breizh. Pictured here: Pear chocolate caramelized walnut crepe with vanilla bean ice cream, buckwheat crepe with buckwheat ice cream, and classic jam and butter crepe
 The art of people watching during breakfast – classically coffee and croissant. A Cafe outside Opéra national de Paris (home of the Phantom of the Opera)
 We had lunch in an adorable cafe in Montemarte called Soul Kitchen. It’s crowded and there’s a long line but the food is deicious. They change the menu daily and change with mealtimes. 
 Desserts at Soul Kitchen in Montemarte. Also do try their hot chocolate with the smiley face (seen in my first photo) – it’s the richest, most luxurious drink you’ll ever have.
B requested we take cooking class with a chef in Paris – we chose La Cuisine Paris since it had great reviews, small class numbers, and is taught in English (very important). Chef Cyrl was super passionate about food and we learned a lot of new techniques, like tying a layer fat around stuffed filet mignon to keep it moist.

In our cooking class, we prepared 3 courses, plus they served us a wine and cheese pairing for dessert. The French have super strong cheeses which B loves.
 We spend a night in Normandy so we could tour the WWII D-Day Beaches. Dessert in Normandy – we took a lunch break in St. Mere-Englise, the first town liberated by the Americans. 
 No Paris trip is complete without some Laduree macarons. We ate dinner at the Laduree on the swanky Champs-Élysées Avenue, a wedding gift from my godmother who lives in France. The food portions are small, so I recommend eating dinner elsewhere and just saving all your money for dessert. but their macarons are really fabulous. You can really taste the essence of the macaron flavor.

My godmother also treated us for a sunset dinner cruise in the River Seine – it was a little dark for food pictures, but it was SO romantic and wonderful. Although she wasn’t able to make our wedding in Texas, she really made our honeymoon super amazing.

 We ate pastries three times a day shamelessly. We bought these pastries during a walk around the adorable St. Germain neighborhood and had a dinner picnic at the Luxembourg gardens. 
 Visiting beautiful outdoor food markets – Marche d’Alma was recommended to us by our chef during our cooking class. Here is some famous French apple cider!
Another outdoor food market – this time at Marche de Rouge Enfants (originally an orphanage where they wore red clothes, hence the name). 
Finally, finishing off our trip with the best chocolatiers in Paris – Jacques Genin. Fun flavors such as earl grey tea,  coffee, basil, and rosemary! 
Hope you enjoyed seeing food as much as we enjoyed eating it! I drove B a little crazy by making him wait before eating anything, but now we can enjoy the food pictures forever 😀

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  1. Wow those pictures turned out amazing! I cant believe you shot those without having to prep them! Well done my love!