frozen dog breath greenies treats recipe

Frozen Dog Greenies Treats

I’m excited to share an easy dog “Greenies” recipe to freshen up your dog’s breath using mint and parsley!

This is a collab with Open Farm, one of our favorite companies. We care a lot about Nike’s nutrition, and this company uses ethically sourced ingredients.

We do all of Nike’s grooming ourselves – I brush and trim Nike’s fur, B brushes her teeth, and we both cut her nails and bath her together. Keeping her clean is important since we cuddle with her so much.

Open Farm asked me to make some easy recipes, and I used their Bone Broth as a base for these “greenies” treats. It’s easy to freeze them in molds (I like these in the standard size) to save them for snacks or meal supplements. 

frozen dog breath greenies treats recipe

I used mint and parsley but you can choose just one if your dog prefers a certain flavor. Nike was a bit unsure since she’s never had either herb before but it quickly grew on her.

The green color is completely from the herbs, no food coloring needed here! I give one treat each meal and I make sure she doesn’t carry it out of her dining area, so we don’t get any green stains on our rugs (or your carpet.)

 These are all Nike approved! And our vet said her teeth were perfect.

Frozen Dog Greenies Treats

1 1/2 cups Open Farm bone broth
a large pinch of fresh mint leaves
a large pinch of fresh parsley

In a blender, combine all of the ingredients together. Pour into ice cub trays or molds. Freeze until solid. Remove from ice trays or molds and store in the freezer in bags. Give as a treat or as a supplement with meals. Enjoy!

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