Peach Almond Smoothie

It’s summer everyone – time for a smoothie! I’m combining peaches and almonds this time -did you know they’re actually related! Scientiets have even sequenced their genes!
If you recall my peach raspberry sunrise smoothie recipe last year, B described Texas summers as “the surface of the sun.” The summers in New Haven are fabulous – it’s much nicer than the Texas humidity. I started off residency with clinic block, so I’ve had time to enjoy lots of of the Connecticut sunshine.

My parents were supposed to ship all my professional clothes and stethoscope from Texas – however they “lost” one of my luggages before it ever left the house. So I started residency without a stethoscope (out of all specialities, Internal Medicine people clutches their stethoscope like a safety blanket.) I also went to orientation week in jeans and had to borrow a suit for my professional doctor photo.

That meant some serious shopping was needed – I spent the first weekend buying a ton of clothes from Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Black House White Market at the outdoor outlet mall. I stunned my new friends with my mad shopping purchases. Hey, it’s all work related!

The second weekend, we chilled at the beach plus played attempted to play beach volleyball. I only think of beaches in California and the Gulf, forgetting that New England has beaches too. The water is way too cold right now, but hopefully I’ll make it in the water next time.

Finally, I’ve joined our Internal Medicine softball intramural team. Never mind the fact I don’t know how to play softball! I’ve scored a few runs and even caught a ball. (I also got whacked horribly in the shin from a pitch, but we’ll pretend that didn’t happen…)
So shopping, beach, and softball – plenty of summertime activities! Here’s my peach smoothie (recipe by me) to celebrate as well. I love the flavor of almond milk and the crunch of almonds – it honestly tastes more like a milkshake than a smoothie. Happy Summer!

PS. My parents found my magically missing luggage (with my work clothes and stethoscope) 3 weeks later…. in the stairwell closet. Fail.

Peach Almond Smoothie

1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
3/4 cup fresh or frozen peaches, chooped
1/4 cup almonds
ice (optional)
Combine everything in a blender and blend until smooth. If you want it thicker, add more yogurt. For more of a sorbet consistency, add more ice. Enjoy!

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  1. What an exciting start to residency! No stethoscope and a whole new wardrobe- I love it! I feel like it's been as hot as "the surface of the sun" here in Fort Lauderdale, so this delicious smoothie would definitely hit the spot!

  2. Yummy! I have some peaches right now! 😀 ~~~~ shopping spree for professional clothes? enjoy! I'd be torn between being sad about losing the clothes I chose over the years, but at the same time excited to pick out new clothes (and all at once too!) 😀

  3. i'm on a total peach kick these days and i'm really drawn to this! it looks as good as it must taste. plus, it has ALL the nutrition! 🙂