Yellow Mango Shake

Whenever I go to the Philippines, you know what I dream of? Yellow mango shake.  
At every restaurant, I wanted to order a yellow mango shake, but the Manila water would get me sick, so I had to wait a few weeks until I acclimated. All the while I’d hungrily eye the shake my native cousins ordered. 
Mangoes are the Philippines’s national fruit!
My grandma (amah) would buy them by the bushel, and my grandpa (angkong) would cut them diagonally then turn them inside out, like a hedgehog, for me. I would eat 3 mangoes for breakfast, then some more after lunch, then have some mango related pastry/cake/ice cream for an afternoon snack, and have a mango shake at dinner. (Then we would lug pounds of dried mangoes and mango nectar back to the US).  
Philippine (aka Atulfo) mangoes are smaller, golden yellow, and more slender than the larger red and green (Tommy Atkins) kind commonly seen in the US. The nice thing about Philippine mangos is they aren’t fibrous and they’re SUPER sweet.
Green mangos are also commonly eaten straight up, or with salt or fish paste (bagoong). They’re also made into a green mango shake. But I like my sugar. 

1 cup ice
1 1/2 cups mango
1/2 cup milk (or almond milk)
sugar, to taste

Crush ice in blender. Peel mangoes and scoop flesh into the blender. Add milk and blend. Add sugar and adjust to taste.

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