Coffee Rub Ribeye Steak

This coffee rub ribeye steak was my first recipe using a cast iron pan! A friend was moving across the nation and giving away kitchen supplies, so I pounced on this!

Coffee Rub Ribeye Steak cast iron skillet meat barbeque easy BBQ

When I first heard that I couldn’t use soap after searing my big, juicy, oily, ribeye, I thought “Ewww, no way – how else can you clean this thing!” But about reading up on it further, soap is bad for the iron and the best way to clean is to run hot water and scrub using salt. Wipe it dry then “season” your cast iron pan by adding olive oil and heating it in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour – this seals oil into the pan surface, giving it natural non-stick properties (tips from the Kitchn and Real Simple)

Cast Iron TLC 101 
– Make sure your cast iron is completely dry to avoid rust
– Soap will strip away your seasoning
– Metal spatulas, steel wools, and scratchy sponges will also strip away seasoning

Cast iron pans can apparently last forever so keep it in good condition! Now I personally don’t bake my pan in the oven after each use, but the rest I try follow.

This Coffee Rub Steak recipe (adapted from Kevin and Amanda) was so good I had to make it twice in two weeks – and I rarely repeat recipes. Keeping it simple with just coffee and paprika is golden – no need to complicate with too many flavors.

B is furious I got to make this recipe – we make silly little “long term” bets, and one such bet is saying I won’t drink coffee during all 4 years of medical school (I’m trying to avoid caffeine, and delaying possible addiction for when I really need it – residency! B thinks I can’t make it!). When we made the bet, I wrangled a loophole saying I was allowed to have coffee in “culinary endeavors” since I’m not using it to wake up.

B: You’re totally cheating by rubbing coffee all over your food… and I can’t do a thing about it! I can’t believe I ever agreed to a “culinary endeavors” loophole against a chef!

With that bargaining skill, I should be a lawyer, Wall Street investor, or Congresswoman, hehe!

Coffee Rub Ribeye Steak cast iron skillet meat barbeque easy BBQ

Coffee Rub Ribeye Steak

2 (8 oz) ribeye steaks
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons ground coffee
1 tablespoon paprika
salt and pepper, to taste

Season steaks with olive oil, coffee, and spices and marinate for a few hours or overnight in the refrigerator in a ziploc bag.

Heat a heavy-bottomed skillet over medium heat, and add oil. Sear steaks for 5 mins each side, depending on thickness. Enjoy!

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  1. When Stephanie and I were home alone we cooked this recipe. If you use a really thick ribeye like we did it might be hard to cook thoroughly. Thankfully we fired up the grill and cooked it that way and it turned out great!