Peach Ginger Iced Tea

In residency, you don’t really choose your vacation, you get assigned it. I was assigned in September, so I had to chance to go home to Texas for my family. By good fortune, B and I were able to coordinate our vacations together, despite being in separate institutions. It was great being back home, in the most fabulous state in the US.

I had forgotten already how hot Texas gets, even in late summer. In Texas (and the South), we really like our tea; after all, sweet tea equals southern comfort and summer simultaneously. The number of days for sharing summer recipes are rapidly dwindling – how time flies!

Sweet tea was once a luxury item since tea, ice, and sugar were so expensive – especially ice, which had to be shipped from afar, and access to cold drinking water was already a luxury (Our State). Thus sweet tea is the essence of Southern hospitality. This, my friends, is (as Dolly Parton calls it) the “house wine of the South.”

I’ve noticed that Northerners don’t really drink Sweet Tea. So I just have to bring it back to the North by sharing my recipe for the Peach Ginger Iced Tea (along with the many many many peaches I hoarded in my luggage. I won’t tell you how many pounds of peaches I bought in Texas, but it’s amazing how much cheaper produce is down there!) Recipe adapted from Bobby Flay.

Peach Ginger Ice Tea

1/2 cup sugar
thinly sliced fresh ginger, to taste
3/4 cups water
4 black tea bags
optional: 1/2 cup peach juice
fresh peaches, sliced

Combine the sugar, water and the ginger in a small saucepan; boil and cook until the sugar is dissolved to make a ginger syrup. Remove from the heat and let cool.

Boil several cups of water (depends on how strong you want your tea) and steep tea bags. Remove the tea bags, let cool, and chill in the refrigerator.

Stir in the peach and ginger simple syrup to taste. Serve chilled. Enjoy!

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