cranberry cider punch close up

Cranberry Apple Cider Punch

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is a quick easy cocktail / punch to make any dinner more festive.

cranberry cider punch close up

Thanksgiving this year is pretty different, and we’re have a quiet holiday. Usually we host friends for a huge potluck and go on a Black Friday shopping spree, but we didn’t want to be in any crowds. So it was just a dinner with two friends in our own apartment.

We haven’t really gone out to meet new people in Seattle due to COVID19 and social distancing. Luckily, we did have some close friends living here already. They’ve have been like family here, from helping us move cross country with lending us air mattresses/chairs/air conditioning and always welcoming us in their home. 

I’m grateful that even with the severe quarantining, I’d always have B, Isabelle, and Nike for company and we’re in good health. I can’t imagine how lonely it would be for people who are single, don’t have roommates, or don’t have a dog. 

We had enough food to feed a big party, with the star being a 16 lb turkey that B had been lovingly brining and basting and roasting all day. 

cranberry cider punch close up

Our friends brought over their cute drink dispenser for my cocktail (sadly my pitcher shattered during our cross country move), which was perfect for my drink idea. I came up with this punch recipe based on ingredients that we had and needed to use up so it was a win-win. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cranberry Apple Cider Punch


4 cups apple cider, chilled
2 cups ginger ale, chilled
2 cups cranberry juice, chilled
1 cup fresh cranberries
Star Anise
Crushed ice



In a pitcher add the apple cider, ginger ale, and cranberry juice. Add the fresh cranberries and star anise. Mix and serve chilled (ice optional)

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